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We bring you the best in solidity development services, combining technical experience with a passion for programming and blockchain.

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We build on the blockchain

Blockchain Development

We build on the blockchain and believe in the underlying technology.

Smart Contracts

We build smart contracts on standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155.

A Development Team You Can Trust

We know the De-Fi space can be shady. With tons of projects under our belt we've built a base of reputation.

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The Minds Behind Elevate

We bring you the best in development services, combining technical prowess with extensive business experience.

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Chase Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Ben Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

What we do on the blockchain

Experience in Blockchain development is difficult to find. Our team has over 30+ years of combined programming experience building full stack projects. We've decided to dive head first into blockchain to help other devs and projects scale in a space where help is scarce.

Smart Contracts

We build De-Fi protocols using the latest of smart contract standards. We build everything from ERC-20 tokens to ERC-721 NFT collections. Our experienced devs know how to create safe, secure, and scalable protocols.

Web3 Integration

Web3 is new to the world, and because of this it's tough to find a team that knows how to develop such solutions. We create full stack solutions using web3 libraries to make your applications possible.

Blockchain Development

We plan to push the boundaries of blockchain solutions. We believe blockchain is slowly taking over the digital world so we're making an initiative to stay ahead of the curve.

We Build on EVM Compatible Chains.

We can build on any blockchain that's EVM-compatible. When it comes to blockchain development our specialty is Solidity and building EVM testing suites. However any inquiry for anything non-EVM is welcome.


DCA Software

Our DCA software "Prometheus" is an automated crypto trading algorithm that buys strategic amounts to optimize return on investment over long periods of time.

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Based Devs

Here's some past projects we helped launch:

Royal Riches

Rocket Coin


BoostCoin 2.0



High-end blockchain development

Leading development team in blockchain solutions

Talk with us about your web3 ideas and let us handle the rest.

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